About Us

The DiSEKTEA projecct was initiated and is a mainly carried out by members of the African Diaspora in cooperation with partners on the African continent and outside the continent as well.

The initiators of the project are the Diaspora associations DÄSAV e. V. and VKII e. V. with their leading and active members.vkii-logo_klein




A Managing Team of six members is in charge of conducting the project activities.

The Partners of the DiSEKTEA project are:

  • partners in universities and educational on the African continent
  • partners in research and other organisations on the African continent
  • partners in international universities and research organisations
  • partners in business and entrepreuneuship
  • further partners

The Funders: the project is mainly funded by the (german) Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM)

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