FOSTDIC 2016: DiSEKTEA-Conference, 16th July in Bonn

As the final works of the pilot phase of the DiSEKTEA project have come to an end, the management team organises a conference which will gather the african Diaspora experts that took part to the project as well as some of the local partners and other parties involved. Various other actors in the field of Blended Learning will also participate to the conference. The conference is carried out by VKII e. V. in Cooperation with DÄSAV e.V. in the form a FOSTDIC-Symposium as they yearly organised by VKII e. V.


The aim of the conference is to present the results of the DiSEKTEA-project, to discuss the possible benefits and challenges of the Blended Learning approach espacially when applied in Africa.

The conference will take place in Bonn on Saturday, 16th July at Migrapolis, Brüdergasse 16-18, 53331 Bonn  Germany.

Conference languages are German and English.

A Google-Maps Link to the conference venue can be found here !

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To register for the confenrence you can use the email or our contact form.