F2F in Addis, also a full success

Right after the face-to-face courses in Yaoundé, the DiSEKTEA-experts flew to Addis to hold their courses and workshops at AAiT and ECSU.

Here are some impressions:

L33A1045          L33A1053

The posters at the course venue at AAiT Addis-Ababa

L33A1249          L33A1244

Experts at work:the courses “China in Africa” and “Research Grant”

L33A0990          L33A0999

Students at work:the courses “microcontroller programming with ARDUINO”

   L33A1300           L33A1298

The presentations at the closing ceremony

L33A1290          L33A1280

The presentations at the closing ceremony

L33A1329          L33A1327

Students receive their certificates