Dr. Getahun Mekuria

DiSEKTEA  is a “demand driven” project that was initiated on DAESAV side Dr. Getahun Mekuria, Deputy Scientific Director at the Addis Ababa University Institute of Technology (AAIT). He presented an inquiry to DAESAV for providing a framework for the supervision of PhD and Master’s thesis by students of the University of Addis Ababa by experts in Germany. DAESAV discussed this request at first within the DÄSAV Regional Group Berlin and in the IT working group of the Association. On the  CIM-promoted GeeCon Conference, the first meeting was held with Dr. Erick Tambo. Because Dr. Tambos expertise in this field and the possibility of cooperation with the United Nations University cooperation made sense.

Dr. ErickTambo
Dr. ErickTambo

Parallel to DAESAV request, Dr. Tambo was also has been involved in the VKII-FOSTDIC Conference  that initiated the process of building a “volonteer program” for the supervision of students at the University of Yaounde I by the experts. The two complementary inquiries were now bundled into one project.

DÄSAV then invited all participants to its annual conference in October 2012 to Frankfurt. Subsequently found several discussions with Dr. Getahun Mekuria (Aait) Eskinder Mamo (DAESAV), Dr. Erick Tambo (UNU / VKII), Steve Kommogne (VKII) and in charge of the UNU and UNV for cooperation to implement the requests or to implementation of a pilot project took place in Germany as well as in Ethiopia and Cameroon, among others on the Ethio-German Konnekt 2013 with the participation of CIM in charge.

Eskinder Mamo
Steve Komogne

The project is a joint initiative of the equivalent associations DAESAV e. V. and VKII e. V. For formal administrative reasons by the CIMs, have both clubs agreed on DAESAV eV as the main person responsible for the management of the joint project. The two clubs remain but equally what the rights and obligations arising from the project concerned.