Managing Team

The structure of the managing team is as follows: each of the initiating Diaspora Associations (VKII e. V. and DÄSAV e. V.) provides an administrative responsible and an operative project manager. The project also has a scientific coordinator in charge of the conceptual and scientific aspects as well as the technical realisation of the project. The project is led by an overall project manager who is in charge of the coordination of the projects as a whole.

mehretHaile   Mehret Heile (president of DÄSAV e. V.),  administrative responsible DÄSAV e. V.

eyobMulugeta   Eyob Mulutega (treasurer of DÄSAV e. V.), project manager DÄSAV e. V.

SteveKomogne   Steve Komogne (president of VKII e. V.),  administrative responsible VKII e. V.

ValeryTchanque   Valéry Tchanque Kemtchou (vice-president of VKII e. V.), project manager VKII e. V.

erickTambo   Dr. Erick Gankam Tambo , scientific coordinator of the project

CesaireBeyel   Césaire Beyel, overall project manager