project agenda

bildThe project aims at setting up a framework allowing the transfer/exchange of knowledge between African experts living abroad and students and academic staffs in institutions of higher education in Africa. The framework consists of

(1) a portal to support the matching of tasks/requests from university and expertise in the Diaspora

(2) a learning environment to support the knowledge transfer process

(3) a social and professional network online community

(4) a capacity building component to improve competences related to eLearning/distance teaching (e Competence) of Diaspora and local experts.

IMG_20160106_101924The active pilot phase of the project will consist in two phases: a face-to-face phase and an online prt. The presence (face-to-face) phase workshops will take place in Yaoundé/Cameroon from January 4th through January 8th and from January 11th through January 15th in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. This phase will be followed by two weeks online phase starting on January 18th.

Under the supervision of experts (both local and from the African Diaspora), participants will work on practice-oriented project ideas that might end up in a product development. Promising ideas and candidates will be accompanied beyond the scope of the course.