AfrWiss1Highly skilled Africans, living and working at very important positions outside the continent in many fields as varied as science and education, industry and business as well as in entrepreneurship have long been seen from the perspective of “brain drain”. From an african view point they have long been considered as lost potential that in many cases the countries and governments even had invested in, in form scolarship or other forms of funding.

Today, with DiSEKTEA (and many other important initiatives and projects of that kind), the leading members of  the African Diaspora have decided to take part and play an important role in the destiny of their continent. They have realised that it is not necessary to reside inside the continent for one to contribute to the continent’s development and prosperity in a significant manner.

L33A1013Diaspora members have the advantage of knowing both sides and having seen what is possible and needed from one side to the other. By actively contributing to improving the structures, they help:

  • the universities and educational institutions consolidate their offer in terms of specialisations
  • the students acquires skills that couldn’t have been possible otherwise
  • building bridges between north and south as the gap decreases